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Meteorite collections

My first collection, Starry Night, was directly inspired by my passion for astronomy. I wanted to emphasize its celestial origin by conjugating the stars and the moon which are the first things you see when you look at the sky at night.

One night, as I was gazing at Saturn with a telescope, I thought of the Big Bang and how the first atoms were formed and this inspired the Quantum Physics collection:
Hydrogen, principal constituent of the suns, is the element most abundant in the universe, 75% in mass and 92% in number of atoms.
Helium, from the greek helios meaning sun, first noble or rare gas, second most abundant element in the universe after Hydrogen.
Lithium, atomic number 3, is only present in trace amounts in the oceans and all living creatures.

The theme for the Fifth Element collection is:
Earth, represented by a diamond shape, where the seed has to pierce the earth’s crust in order to reach air, the first hurdle
Air, represented by a soft and tender cloud
Water, represented by concentric circles, hypnotic movement of the water
Fire, represented by a ball of fire, like the sun, the primal fire if you will
The Meteorite referencing the first glance towards the sky where you can see the moon and the stars.

The Crop Circle collection was inspired by those amazing designs found in fields all over the world.

The Discovery collection was inspired by various encounters, the gaming world with the dice, literature with the pens, fashion with the cufflinks and watch. A more masculine collection.

The Yogo sapphire collection was inspired by friends from Montana who made me discover the sublime beauty of this gem.

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