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Another product-group at LEANSCHI are wall- and table-clocks, with digital display.
Another product-group at LEANSCHI are wall- and table-clocks, with digital display.
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Though a recent addition to our wide collection of accessories, we believe that those clocks' vintage design and technology (flipping blades) combined with their high-grade legibility will prove highly convincing.
They are not too short on functions either as they are indeed featuring a full-fledged annual calendar, easy to set and so pleasant to look at: time is no longer flying, just flipping… and its sight will amuse and amaze you.
Dim. 32x32x11cm
Hi-precision SKP-quartz-movement | low-consumption battery-powered
Currently available in a copper-like brushed finish; with ENGLISH or GERMAN calendar.

Retail: € 290
Protecting your watch or jewellery is our core business:
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LEANSCHI's storage solutions, pouches and boxes are compact, stylish, very well-made from high-quality, chocolate brown synthetic leather and typically finished with a robust ivory-coloured cotton stitch. Our corporate blend!

Another key-competence is certainly our ability to customize those products in accordance with one jeweller's specific requirements, to create his own branded items. Materials, from genuine leather to various wood-veneers, and colours can be chosen freely. Your budget would be the only limitation.

Retail from €39
CUFFLINKS are the utmost refinement for modern gentlemen.
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No need to wear a tuxedo to wear cufflinks: highly versatile, our LEANSCHI cuffs perfectly fit business or casual dress-codes: it is just a matter of choosing the suitable pair. Especially during summer, cuffs are ideal with a shirt worn without a jacket.

At LEANSCHI we create different cufflinks collections and styles, precious or more casual, blending traditional materials (sterling silver, precious stones, porcelain…) to more contemporary ones (rubber, steel with DLC coating, carbon fibre…) with the single aim of making attractive, elegant accessories gentlemen would love wearing. We can even deliver bespoke, made-to-measure cufflinks on basis of our most popular items.

Retail from €99 to €490
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Your watches and jewellery-pieces are a substantial investment. Taking care of them will ensure you will enjoy them even longer.
LEANSCHI provides numerous STORAGE SOLUTIONS, well-designed, nice-looking TRANSPORTATION POUCHES, convenient BOXES and easy-to-use, affordable WATCHWINDERS with some really smart functions (plus an extended warranty of 3 years on watchwinders).
Whether for your safe at home or for underway, we have developed a comprehensive range of solutions: PROTECTING your watches, KEEPING them in MOTION is one of our core competences.

Retail from €39 to €990
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