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Small-Size Electroplating Unit DIGITAL II version 2.0
Small-Size Electroplating Unit DIGITAL II version 2.0
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The Digital II version 2.0 is a programmable small-size electroplating unit which can be used for all current precious metal and non precious metal processes. The machine is characterized by it's user friendliness and the easy handling.The digital display of voltage, tension and temperature guarantees a careful and secure working. The integrated timer stops processes automatically and the ampere minute counter helps to calculate the precious metal consumption. In addition to pre installed plating programs, new programs can be installed. The machine menu is available in several european languages. Digital II version 2.0 has an integrated goods movement and a pen plating connection.

Bath volume: 4x1,5 l working tanks + 4x 1,5 l rinsing tanks
Rhodium bath JE88 GO
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The rhodium bath JE88 deposits mirror shining, brilliant white, magnificent hard and abrasion resistant rhodium layers. It i s preferably used for decorative coatings in the jewellery industry. In many cases the rhodium electrolyte is used as tarnish protection for silver products. Coatings up to 1 µm can be deposited.

Rhodium content: 2g Rh/L or 1g Rh/l
Voltage: 2-3 Volt
Bath temperature: 25-45°C
Exposition time: 2 min. (1-5 min.)
Anodes: platinized titanium or mixed metal oxide
Silver bath JE60
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The silver bath JE60 does not contain cyanide and therefore offers significant environmental and safety advantages. The purity of the silver precipitates is almost 100% and is suitable both for decorative and also for technical applications. The electrolyt e can be used for rack and drum
material up to a Thickness of max. 25 µm can be used.

Silver content: 31g Ag/l
Voltage: 1,0-1,5 Volt
Bath temperature: 20°C
Anodes: Silver
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