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Precious Metals Refining
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Precious metals refining – we recover gold and silver, platinum and palladium, thereby recycling valuable raw materials. With a refining capacity of more than 2,000 tons of material containing precious metals and with more than 20,000 deliveries per year, Agosi ranks among the biggest refineries in Europe.
Whether jewellery scraps or industrial materials – at Agosi reliable processes are used to recover precious metals. Every step from homogenisation to sampling and analysis to final settlement is perfectly coordinated. The result: precious metals in their purest form. They are the basis for high quality semi-finished Agosi products, investment bars or Agosi fine metals.
Precious Metals Trading
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In the precious metals sector, Agosi is an important closed-loop refiner, producer of semi-finished products and raw material supplier for gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Our precious metals services department has online access to the world’s major trading centres to guarantee the best possible supply of fine metals. Quotations are regularly published on the Agosi website.

The Agosi trading team deals with all purchase and sales contracts properly, punctually and reliably. It handles accounts and the delivery of precious metals and is an indispensable link in the cycle of precious metals, ensuring the safe management and supply of your precious metals.
Precious Metals Products
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From our dialogue with jewellery designers and small-scale workshops we know that every assistance that simplifies working processes is welcome. As a consequence, customers can concentrate on their creative strengths: the realisation of ideas and the discovery of new designs.

Agosi can lend a helping hand: Near-end semi finished products, innovative materials and refining services are closing the precious metals loop in this fascinating field of manufacturing jewellery that is both individual and characteristic for its owner.
A comprehensive selection of aids, appliances and electroforming products completes our range of semi-finished products.
We are constantly adapting our stock list to suit market demands.
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