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Grass Paper
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What is grass paper?
Grass paper is a pulp-based product made with a significant proportion of grass fibre (at least 30%) n addition to fresh fibre from wood or waste paper.
The coating paper for our Eco Gras series consists of 40% gass and 60% fesh fibre.

4 good reasons why grass paper makes sense
1. only 2 litres of water per tonne of hay
(instead of 6,000 litres per tonne of wood pulp)
2. only 136 kWh of energy per tonne of hay
(instead of around 5,000 kWh per tonne of wood pulp)
3. no use of chemicals in the manufacture of grass fibre
4. a total reduction in CO₂ emissions of up to 75% dring the production of raw materials

The grass mainly comes from otherwise unused compensatory areas, and these biotopes have a late mowing season. By the time it is mowed, the grass is already so tall that it can no longer be used for animal feed.

The grass grows on wild meadows together with flowers and herbs. The late mowing of these areas promotes biodiversity and protects our bees.
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We have added a new label to our programme for you that represents 100% sstainability:
Green Line
Under this brand, you will find – at one glance – packaging ideas that not only look good,
but are also made from natural materials and have not been sent halfway around the world to get to you.
Our Green Line products are fully recyclable and fully FSC� (C138735) certified.
In addition, we have opted not to use any lamination with foils or other plastics.
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