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Marc'Harit – Finder of Pearls
Marc'Harit – Finder of Pearls
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With a passion for pearls Marc'Harit specializes in fine saltwater cultured pearls from around the world. Our collection ranges widely from average quality to the finest Top Gem quality. We also offer a unique jewellery collection designed with focus on the beautiful pearls. Our pearls are graded, which enables us to offer you the exact pearl type and quality you are looking for. Marc'Harit offers cultured Tahiti pearls, Fiji pearls, white and golden South Sea pearls, Akoya pearls and Cortez pearls. Furthermore, we have a selection of high-quality Freshwater pearls in natural colors, niche products such as faceted and engraved pearls and the natural Conch pearl. We very much welcome the increasing focus on sustainability within the pearl industry, and most of our pearls are sustainable. All our pearls are untreated.
We're looking forward to welcoming you at our stand - C1 420, at Inhorgenta 2020.
Marc'Harit – Finder of Pearls
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